America’s Bullshit Detector

“You’re likable enough, Hillary.”
Barack Obama

Why doesn’t America like Hillary? What is it about this very accomplished woman that inspires vitriolic responses when her name is mentioned? “I will NEVER vote for Hillary,” is stated by men and women alike. She’s inspired the “Bernie or Bust” movement I wrote about earlier. She’s the likely nominee, but so many despise her no one will show up to vote for her.

What has she done to you?

On paper Hillary is far and away the best candidate for president that we’ve had in years. No community organizer here. This woman has done it all. Spent eight years inside the White House working with her husband to push the country to the right. Carpet-bagger United States Senator from New York. Secretary of State. The list is huge actually. Wow! She’s extremely qualified.

Is it because she’s (horrors!) a woman? Have we not evolved enough in this country to accept a successful woman? I have a difficult time believing that myself. America has elected a black man, we can surely elect a woman.

Six in ten think she’s untrustworthy and corrupt. The battle cry at Trump rallies is “Hillary for prison 2016.” Cute. Hillary once complained about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” hounding her and her husband. She was wrong. There is no conspiracy, it’s a strategy. The many “scandals” of the Clinton administration were investigated by special prosecutor, Ken Starr. He went after every “gate” the Republicans could dream up.

Congress left Ken Starr in place for five years and spent $50 million taxpayer dollars to investigate anything that might appear. The New York Times and the rest of the media dutifully reported every new allegation against the Clintons on the front page, and dutifully placed the correction to the story on page 24 three days later when it was proven to be bullshit. Fact-checked journalism died in the interest of being first to print a salacious story. The media was a willing pawn in the trashing of Hillary and Bill. It didn’t care. All it needs is readers, or ratings, depending on which type of media whores we’re talking about.

Finally they caught Bill Clinton getting a little extra pizza sauce on an intern’s dress. That was it. The Clintons were exonerated of every accusation in 1998. Nothing to see here except the impeachable offense of consensual sex between two adults, which was another ratings circus for the media. More entertainment for the masses.

The same strategy is being employed with the Benghazi hearings. No matter how many different ways Hillary can be declared innocent, the Republicans keep calling her in to testify again. Then come the emails. Look under enough rocks and you can find something on everyone. Except maybe Bernie Sanders. He’s squeaky clean.

The point is, Hillary is considered untrustworthy only because of this strategy to keep her associated with scandals that don’t have a basis in reality. After a while the continued hounding make people think that there must be something to it all. It’s a dirty trick that worked. The media has perpetuated the myth that Hillary is untrustworthy.

Truthfully, Hillary Clinton has led an exemplary life of public service.

I know. No matter how innocent she is, you still don’t like her. She does have an irritating habit of shifting her positions with the political wind. But politicians have been flip-flopping for years. Why would we start to care now?

Could it be that we’ve been marketed to so heavily in this Internet age that we see through the bullshit immediately and discard it. American have a built-in bullshit detector that cuts through the crap and gets to the truth. It works well for a huge percentage of America, though a percentage have faulty detectors presumably made in China by a Trump company. Still, even they are tired of bullshit and are rebelling against it.

Think about it for a minute. I’ll wait.

What makes a video go viral? It’s usually some scene that was taken by accident when an unscripted incident occurs. Or it is an incredibly well-done commentary or skit that strikes us as genuine or, and I’m being serious here, the truth. Yes folks, we are after the truth.

Americans are exposed to so much bullshit that we hate it. This is the world the corporations have built and we are the people rebelling against it. Just as the Republican Party inadvertently made Trump the Frankenstein’s monster that it can’t control, the advertising executives made the American public into truth seekers. Heck, that makes us monsters to these bullshit artists. It’s the law of unintended consequences at work.

This is why Americans like Trump and Sanders. People believe them to be straight-shooters. Trump has no filter. He will tell you exactly as he sees it. If he had an inkling of a policy besides the force of his will to get things done, I might even consider voting for him. Still, I love it when he tells it like it is in the world according to Trump. In the end though, he is a bullshit artist, and a very convincing one at that. Sanders, on the other hand, is the real deal. Sanders is quite likely the first honest politician in the history of the world.

It’s not that Americans don’t like Hillary personally it’s that we don’t like the bullshit she represents. Americans want the genuine article, not a made by polling knock-off. Her speeches to the Wall Street banks and contributions from the largest corporations label her as a bought and paid for. We’ve finally figured out that political donations are actually legalized bribery.

The Washington pundits and talking heads on television have been left behind this election. None have a clue. Conventional wisdom is no longer wise. Every day the media is becoming more frustrated with the unwashed masses support for The Donald. It is, however, their own doing. They can’t even fathom The Donald as president. This election isn’t going according to the script. Talking heads are starting to explode. Every fed up pundit should take a long look in the mirror.

But wait! There’s more!

It will be interesting to see what kind of monster was created with the Second Amendment bullshit we’ve been fed. We’ve been so afraid of losing our guns, what happens if America starts using its guns? All those guns out there and the law of unintended consequences let loose on a fearful society. What happens when the voter’s preferred candidates are cast aside for the establishment-preferred candidates? The rousing cry heard round the world of, “BULLSHIT!” No one knows what kind of monster this can become.

I would advise the two parties and the media to tread carefully. The Second Amendment monster you short-sighted propagandists helped create might be way worse than President Trump. Bernie’s political revolution might rescind the political part if you ignore the armed society you’ve created.

Think about that if you intend to use your super-delegates to steal the Democratic nomination or enter into a brokered convention to destroy Trump.

Think about it real hard. I’ll wait.

Make America Great; Dump The Trump

In the course of writing “The Brilliance of The Donald” I used the term “ignorant redneck” to describe Tea Party members motivated by racism. I feel that I should probably take that remark back as it is an insult to ignorant people, of which I am one in many instances, and rednecks.

I have always believed that “redneck” is not a learned character trait. Rather it is inherited in the bloodlines that run through the heartland of America. I, personally, was raised by rednecks in the hills of the Missouri Ozarks. My father’s picture is likely in the dictionary next to the definition of the word. My blood is filled with the redneck gene. My friends and relatives are rednecks. Therefore, using it as a derogatory insult is an insult to my own heritage and I apologize to ignorant rednecks everywhere. I have to think up a new way to describe those that I want to insult. I’ll work on it.

These poopie heads (No?) that are motivated by the racist remarks of Donald J. Trump to vote for him are to be pitied. America is moving on whether they like it or not. The idea that there were ever any good old days to go back to is a waste of time. These are the good old days. Make the most of them.

America is now, and has always been, a huge melting pot of ethnicity, diverse religions, and beliefs. There is no us vs. them in America. We are all in this country together. Trump’s race baiting has no place in today’s America.

Mexicans aren’t the problem in America. They don’t take your jobs. They aren’t the reason so many are suffering from low wages and high unemployment. They are a distraction from the real culprits. Did the poor Mexican coming across the border send your job to China? No, but Donald Trump did.

If you want to know why the Middle Class is nearly extinct, I suggest you begin listening to Bernie Sanders. He’s kind of a one-issue candidate, but there’s a reason for that. It’s the most important issue of our time. Billionaires like Trump are skimming everything off the top of the American economy with no regard for the citizenry. Americans were just too damned expensive to pay when there’s a billion Chinese willing to work for less than a dollar a day. When it comes to the bottom line, there is no patriotism, only profit.

Trump is also riling up the trumpleforeskins (?) with talk of “Islam hating us.” Okay, I’ll agree we’ve bastardized the language for the last decade with the “war on terror” crap, but now let’s take the language back. A religion, which Islam is, can’t hate. It isn’t a person. Terror is a noun defined as fear. We have a war on fear because a religion hates us? That makes no sense. Just like Donald J. Trump.

Trump also wants to bring back waterboarding. People actually support this? Waterboarding is a war crime. This is fucking deranged. Please stop and think about what it means. Are we fighting against these terrorists to promote American ideals, or are we going to descend into madness and be just like that which we despise?

Tell me: Are you offended that I dropped an F-bomb in the last paragraph, but not offended that a contender to lead the country that represents you wants to bring torture into vogue? If you are, your moral compass is pointing directly to the eternal damnation of Hell feared by so many. I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’re fucked.

Trump is using the same tactics as all politicians before him. He’s no different than what we already have in office. Distraction from the real agenda keeps the status quo intact. Mexicans, gays, you name it, as long as we have some group of “others” to hate, we won’t bother with the thieves like Trump in the society. We’ve been warned about it for years. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” ring any bells? Monkeys will fly out my butt before we pay attention to the real problems as long as we have men like Trump pointing out who we should fear. (Confession: I’m afraid of the flying monkeys.)

Racism, torture, wall-building, religion hating are all the emotional motivations to vote for Trump. People should begin their own war on the fear in their minds. Trump is playing them for fools, and fools they are. H.L. Mencken said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Trump is far from broke.

The few things that he says that are worthy of listening to might be good reasons to vote for him, though. When he tells you that he wrote checks to politicians and expected something in return for it he is actually telling the truth. We live in a corrupt system of legalized bribery. Glad the masses finally noticed.

When he says that our trade deals are hurting average Americans, he is correct. He has actually benefited from these trade deals by sending his manufacturing jobs to China so he knows. Can he do anything about it? No. These trade deals require an act of congress to overturn. Unlikely to happen.

Trump likely doesn’t understand this because he’s used to being the CEO of a company where what he says goes. Government works differently. He’s going to hate that. He’s going to want to change it. Maybe overthrow it. The rabble that is attending his campaign stops might even help him. It’s beginning to look a lot like 1930s Germany.

As much fun as it’s been watching this drama, it’s time to get real. I assume the asshat racists will stay with Trump simply because there is no other good KKK loving candidate to support.

Those that are attracted to him because he’s not bought off should take a look at Sanders now. He’s saying the same thing, but he’s sane and has actual solutions that make sense. I know, I know. He’s a Socialist. We all are, but that’s another 1,000 words.

Make America great again. Dump The Trump.

Vote as if your life depends on it

It’s getting weird out there.

Trump zealots have been eclipsed by Bernie zombies. Trump’s mob is now sieg-heiling the orange-tinted Fuhrer at his campaign events while they remove any potential, real or imagined, protestor-type attendees from these “Bubble Trump” rallies. At Bubble Trump life ain’t nothing like a box of chocolates.

The dead-on-arrival idea from the left is to refrain from voting unless Bernie is the nominee. This philosophy is fomented by one Russ Belville, who is now famous because of it. It’s amazing how people can be rewarded in this new media age for being so wrong. Belville adamantly declares that he won’t vote for a Republican, which he believes Hillary is. Okay, he’s not that wrong, but jeez man, get a grip.

Belleville is as crass and heartless as any Republican he derides: “What I see now at four dozen years old is that any one presidential term isn’t going to kill us. We survived eight years of George W. Bush, and though it did us a lot of harm and killed thousands of us, he didn’t appoint himself dictator and abolish the Supreme Court or anything crazy.”

Anything crazy? Did you read what you just wrote? Take the time to read it again and tell me if it might be the definition of crazy. Maybe four years with a Republican administration won’t kill Belville himself, but during the last Republican administration over 4,000 American kids died and 100,000 innocent civilians were killed for doing nothing more terrifying than being born under the wrong government and living on top of our oil. The Republicans are a disgrace. Hillary and the current DNC might lean to the right, but they aren’t batshit crazy psychopaths. Mostly, anyway.

There is even a contingent of Democrats willing to vote for the Republican nominee to stick it to the Democratic establishment. “That’ll show ‘em!” they say. “I’ll bend myself over, grab my ankles and let them drive a Mack truck of crazy right up my ass for four years. Once the Republicans get us into war with Russia, lower taxes on the wealthy, and drive that Mack truck in my intestine off a fiscal cliff, the Democratic party will listen to me when I say I want to move to the left.”

I truly feel your frustration every time Hillary “evolves” a new position because she thinks that’s what you want to hear. It’s refreshingly entertaining to watch her and the party twist and retch to the left. All of you principled Bernie supporters can share the success of this phenomenon. Bernie did it. You did it. But don’t undo the successes of the last eight years.

Politicians pander. Hillary may have no principles, nor vision, like these highly principled leftists believe Bernie possesses, but she’s unlikable, too. However, despite all these accolades, Bernie still might not win. It may disgust you to think of voting for the lesser of two evils when the general election rolls around, but the result if you don’t will be devastating for thousands of real people.

I know that the lesser of two evils is still evil. I get it. However, despite Obama’s shortcomings, he has moved the country forward. The first day these Republican worms enter office they have promised to  burrow into the progress and eat it from the inside out. Theirs is an insidious rot of backward thought. One step up and two steps back.

If you want to change this system, you’d damn well better get involved and stay involved. You’ll never do it from the outside looking in. Figure it out that it has to be changed from the inside. Vote in every election, not just the glamorous presidential years. Bitch loudly! Write letters. Call your congressman. March on Washington. Revolt! A political revolution requires participation. Do anything but act like a crybaby and take your ball and go home. Sounds more like a Trump supporter than a progressive.

It’s refreshing to find such a principled stand in American politics as these Bernie or Bust rebels. But the truth is, the Democratic establishment doesn’t give a shit what you think or what message you’re sending. The plutocracy is in no danger from a protest of nonexistent zombie votes. Bernie is all it truly fears. Still, we’re better off with Hillary than any of the buffoons offered by the Republicans. The best bet is to preserve what has been accomplished the last eight years and get ready for Elizabeth Warren next time if it comes to that. The best thing as of this writing is that Bernie hasn’t lost yet.

Hold your nose and vote Hillary if you are forced into it. The lives you save will thank you.



The Brilliance of The Donald

As America prepares for the “inevitable presidency” of the brilliant Donald Trump, there are many things to learn. First, as I demonstrated in the first sentence, always kiss The Donald’s ass. He has plans to alter the First Amendment so that he can sue anyone he happens to disagree with so he can “win lots of money.” As a blogger with no money, I intend to stay on his good side.

However, I happen to think The Donald is brilliant. Way smarter than those he’s up against. Mitt Romney? Failure. John McCain? A man once known as a maverick who proved in 2008 he harbored no principles other than his own ambitions. The rat pack Trump is running against? Please.

I also believe The Donald when he says his small hands have nothing to do with anything else being small. Like his bank account. Small isn’t in The Donald’s vocabulary. Everything is terrific. To insinuate anything else might get you sued for lots of money. So don’t be dicks about it.

The Donald is brilliant, though. He saw what the Republicans have been up to the last few years and he laid the groundwork to use it to his own advantage. The Koch brothers were silently funding Tea Party groups who, by the way, had no idea they were being funded by the Kochs to march around and bitch as only ignorant rednecks can.

Republicans winked and nodded their veiled racist remarks aimed at the black man in the WHITE House. Obama is a Muslim. Oh shit, he went to a Christian church and listened to a preacher that hates America for 20 years. 20 years! He’s quite the sleeper agent for the Muslims. Or else he has a high tolerance for Christianity when he should be kneeling towards Mecca five times a day.

Didn’t matter to the right-wingers which was the truth, they had it both ways depending on the day and their mood and the argument. As long as the BLACK man in WHITE House was the target all was fair in war and propaganda.

The Donald sat back and watched this seemingly confused thinking and thought, “I wonder how I could fuck with that?” (The Donald’s actual thoughts. I don’t ever cuss.) When the idea that Obama was born in Kenya and sired by an unholy coupling of a laughing hyena and a poisonous black mamba surfaced in the conspiracy shit pile that the Tea Party/Koch brothers dreamt up was about to be debunked and exiled to the trash bin of stupidity, Trump did what he loves to do. He plastered the word that he loves most across the birther movement: TRUMP.

Hell yeah! He then sent his own investigators to Hawaii and what they found out about Obama was terrific, terrible stuff. Plus they got a tan. Obama released his birth certificate but Trump said it was a phony. He’s an expert at phony, so no one believed Obama had a certificate of live birth.

The point is that Trump wrapped the Tea Party birther freaks around his little finger by lending his name to their paranoid ramblings. Trump is an expert at rambling too. When he descended the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, most of the smart guys like Romney and the Kochs sniggered into their caviar as he rambled down the path of racism.

But the Tea Party that had been so carefully cultivated to support the very Republican party that had been playing them for suckers all these years of DARKNESS in the WHITE House perked up. Finally! Someone was blaming the Mexicans. Hell yeah! Trump was saying what these mouth-breathing dimwits had been thinking all along. The Mexicans are the cause of it all. (More sniggering into the caviar by the real cause of it all.)

Trump had the base of the Republican Party in his pocket. Now all he had to do was alienate the rest of the minority groups and he could walk into the WHITE House with his Slovenian First Lady posing nude on the website. Or at least in some tasteful lingerie.

The blacks love him. Heck, he knows lots of blacks. Even has a black friend he’s sure. Chicks dig him because his small hands are extremely rich. Small hands, warm heart. Small hands, very, very smart guy. Small hands, very large bank account. Small hands. No problem anywhere else, either. Hell yeah!

The smartest guys in the room knew this had to end badly. Heck, Romney couldn’t even bitch about 47 percent of the country being lazy bastards without losing the election. Trump would surely die a quick death. Trump called John McCain a loser for being captured in Vietnam. While John McCain is a rather two-faced charlatan, being tortured by the Vietnamese wasn’t his worse sin. Didn’t hurt Trump, though.

Trump took on Fox News, which should be his greatest ally, when Megyn Kelly had the temerity to act like a journalist during a debate. The Tea Party had spent eight years believing Fox’s reality news show cheered when it figured out that it could’ve been staring at its toenails and learned more. Some actually looked up from their feet when they heard the cheering and laughed at the dumbasses who were watching Fox instead of their toes.

Trump took on the Pope. The Pope abruptly left North America and locked himself inside the Vatican and hasn’t been heard from since. Trump took on bears and they started shitting at construction sites in little green plastic toilets. Trump even kicked Chuck Norris’ ass.

He then stood on stage at a debate in one of the most backward red states America can produce and told them point blank that a president they revered was a liar and started a war on false pretenses. He firmly stated that the war was one of the biggest mistakes in history. This was no secret to half the country, but the other half makes up 95 percent of the state he said it in. Balls of steel were evident. Almost too big to hold in both hands.

The smartest guys in the room agree that this shit is out of control. They put all this time into building the Tea Party into a redneck, racist force to keep Republicans in power so they could attain more tax cuts and less regulations on their enterprises. This Trump monster movement wasn’t in the cards. The Tea Party was beginning to figure the Republican ruse out. If Trump wasn’t leading them, you could almost say the Tea Party were thinking for themselves. Whatever comfortable political system the establishment Republicans had created Trump could destroy by exposing it for what it is!

The more they fretted and bitched, the more entrenched Trump’s mob of followers became. “If he worries Mitt Romney, he’s my guy,” said a lazy bastard from the 47 percent. The mob grew and Trump won Super Tuesday by a margin larger than his hands, but not his ego. Nothing on earth can eclipse that now.

The Republicans then held a Saturday Night Live skit that they cleverly passed off as a debate. Big Donald, Little Marco, and Batman’s archenemy, The Penguin dueled in a yoga pose-off to the death, while the “adult” from Ohio whined about how he had experience to balance budgets and knew Ronald Reagan, but couldn’t do yoga, at least not without his own mat.

Trump was piled on by everyone at the skit. His archenemies Megyn Kelly and her henchmen had slides ready to refute the predictable, repeated lines Trump spews. They could refute his budget cutting tactics with actual numbers that proved he was pulling drivel out of his ass. Trump don’t give shit. He’s a honey badger. He’s a bad ass. He’ll pull drivel from wherever he feels.

If his numbers hold after the drudging they gave him at this “debate” he will defy all political and conventional wisdom and prove the talking head prognosticators to be drooling dunces. Smart people have told you for decades to kill your television. This will be the time to do it.

Trump has controlled the conversation, the media, the base of the Republican Party and has run roughshod over the most powerful political operatives history has ever known –– the Kochs. Made them look like amateurs actually. If he wins the nomination, he will have six months to soothe the poor souls he has lambasted.

The rapists, the drug dealers and we assume the good people from south of the border can be placated. The blacks can likewise be turned to loving The Donald. All the broads…I mean ladies he’s pissed off can be returned to fold with enough time and showmanship from this master of the media.

It’ll all be rainbows and unicorn poop from here on out. We’ll all vote for him come November. How can we help ourselves when confronted with a big lovable bear shitting in a port-a-john like Trump?

As I said: Kill your TV. Or be hypnotized by the greatest reality television the world has ever known starring the most brilliant media mogul ever to walk the earth. Or stay tuned in. I don’t care. I love the brilliant Mr. Trump for all that he has done so far and will do as president.

Hopefully, he’ll even invent a soap that can easily clean the brown from my nose without so much scrubbing. Or else I’ll need to buy a matching brown shirt. Can’t be too stylish in these times.

Amused to Death

This species has amused itself to death
Roger Waters

The surrealistic presidential election America is currently enduring must signify something beyond our ability to comprehend. End of Days? The rise and fall of the empire? Got me. Entertainment has gone to new and more dangerous levels.

I love Donald Trump. Standing up in front of a state that loves George W. Bush during a debate and bravely saying that Bush didn’t keep us safe because the World Trade Center fell during his “reign” exhibited giant balls. Adding that invading Iraq was the biggest mistake in recent history was the icing on the yellow cake Saddam never bought. The truth hurts, but it didn’t hurt Trump. It just needed to be said.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the truth could actually get through the propaganda that we have been spoon-fed since childhood? Every time someone besides Trump tries to debunk the bullshit, they’re accused of hating America, invited by the usual mouth-breathing shitheads to move to Iran, and generally marginalized by the propagandists perpetuating this American mythology. That has to change. Like a good drunk ready to go straight, America needs to look itself in the mirror and admit it has a problem. We have to stop believing our own lies. Simple, right? Uh huh…riiigght.

Republicans have been following a delusional narrative that Bush was blind-sided on 9/11 despite the memo a month before titled “bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.” To be fair, Bush likely didn’t read it, so he might’ve been blind-sided. However, I’m sure someone else must’ve read it. Whoever it was didn’t do a thing about it. America wasn’t blind-sided, it was neglected. Irresponsibly neglected by an incompetent bunch of layabouts known as the Bush Administration.

Bush failed. It wouldn’t be the last time. Bush was a fuck up of epic and disastrous proportions. We are still paying for his idiocy and will for many decades to come. The Middle East’s dysfunctional power vacuum is a direct result of the policies of George Jr. Don’t get mad at me because I’m telling you. Ask Trump. He’ll tell you the same thing. If you don’t like it, move to Iran.

The invasion of Iraq was built on the flimsiest of lies and anyone with a lick of sense knew it. Anyone who refuted the administration had their career destroyed. CIA agents were outed. Generals were fired. Liars destroyed their own careers by appearing with little vials of lies in front of the United Nations.

There are so many other instances of American propaganda that I could write 100,000 words on it right here and now. But how boring would that be? Don’t worry. Your belief system will be sorely tested as this blog progresses. There’s a lot of ground to cover.

The one thing that America excels in is propaganda. The rest of the world thinks we are great because we keep telling them we are. The only other country that might even try harder at marketing is England, or GREAT Britain. Like a bowl of Frosted Flakes, except blander, and more full of bull.

I’m starting this blog in the middle of the weirdest election in the history of Democracy. If I tried, I couldn’t make this shit up. It may be the End of Days. It certainly is hilarious.

If it’s the End of Days, we have no one to blame but ourselves. God didn’t do it. No fire. No brimstone. Just 24-hour news and pure bullshit. We did it to ourselves.

We have amused ourselves to death.