From Russia with Love

There is a narrative emanating from the right that liberals hate Donald Trump because he beat Hillary. The left can’t get over it. Liberals need to accept that Trump is now president and stop whining. Well, I’ve got news. No one hates Trump. No one cares that he beat Hillary. Most can’t stand her anyway and she has been forgotten and is living comfortably in the woods somewhere. The left is only interested in one thing: Holding Trump accountable. That means transparency. Thus far, he wants none of that.

He will, however, lose that battle.

I want the conservatives to know. There will be no letting up on Trump until he is found guilty, or exonerated, of every scandal his two-month presidency has generated. If you consider yourself patriots, I invite you to join in demanding complete transparency from the president. The allegations of Russian hacking and possible collusion are an affront to our Democracy and far more important than one man.

There is no getting “over it.” The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Hearings begin today on Russian hacking of our elections among other questions. We can probably expect the Republicans to do everything possible to stonewall this investigation. They will lob softballs and object if Democrats throw hardball questions. It is likely to be the most disgusting spectacle of partisanship in memory. If so, our duty as American citizens is to demand an independent investigation of the 2016 presidential election. There are so many lies surrounding the Russian connections that it is hard to figure out where to begin.

Because the president has accused his predecessor of tapping his tower in New York, maybe that is where it should start. If true, it would be the biggest scandal in ages and Barack Obama would be guilty of a felony. For a man who has all the intelligence agencies at his tiny fingertips, Trump plays loose with facts and he apparently gleaned this conspiratorial nugget from reading Breitbart. He then had Sean Spicer quote a talking head from Fox News that the British had been bugging him. Trump is absolutely nucking futs.

General Michael Flynn is another likely place to begin. He is known to have inferred a reduction in sanctions on a phone call with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak the same day that Obama had just imposed them on the Russians for its interference in the election. He was on the payroll of the Turkish government to the tune of $600,000 last year. The official line is that he was fired for lying to Vice President Pence. Right! Lying is the one thing the entire Trump administration actually condones. There’s more to this.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath to Senator Al Franken about his meetings with the same Russian ambassador. No matter how the Republicans try to spin the way the question was asked, or how confused Sessions was about it, when you listen to the transcript, he lied. Under oath. To a Senator. Why?

The former Trump Campaign Chief, Paul Manafort, is wanted for questioning in Ukraine to explain illegal off the books payments to his firm, which eventually caused him to step down from Trump’s team. He has deep ties to the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who had to flee under Putin’s escort to Russia after the revolution. Manafort may have been blackmailed by a Ukrainian parliamentarian claiming to have compromising information on Manafort and Trump.

Then there’s Carter Page. This man is suffering from panic attacks. He was with Jeff Sessions and Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner at the meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, which was nothing nefarious! as he tweeted complete with exclamation point. His deep ties to the Russian oil industry, including talks with individuals under U.S. sanction, and the fact that he was advising Trump’s campaign open a new chapter in the ties of the Trump campaign with America’s most dangerous adversary. His crazy town letter defending himself would be a good reason to prescribe Xanax.

When Trump was suffering under the weight of a yuuge bankruptcy, no one would loan him money. He turned to Deutsche Bank and then to a firm called Bayrock. This is where Trump met one Felix Sater. Sater was convicted of slashing a man in a bar fight using a broken glass. He then got busted in stock fraud scheme involving the Genovese and Colombo crime families. Sater worked for Bayrock and helped Trump fund a development dubbed Trump Tower Fort Lauderdale which, in typical Trump fashion, went bust causing investors who had bought real estate in the development to lose money. Sater is a mystery but allegedly has ties to the Russian mob.

Finally, there’s Roger Stone. This behind-the-scenes pot stirring dirty tricks mastermind has to be one of the slimiest people on earth. You just have to read a little about him to get the gist. He was in touch with Julian Assange during the campaign and was presciently tweeting the next Wikileaks drop days before their release. Julian Assange, it should be noted, worked for RT the Russian propagandist media outlet.

These tendrils likely keep going. All of Trump’s kids are suspect, except the little one –– Eric. We have Kellyanne Conway’s breach of ethics when she promoted Ivanka’s clothing line on TV. Reince Preibus’ same break with ethics when he personally approached the FBI about refuting the Russian charges. I’m sure there’s someone I missed. It’s difficult to believe that this is only Day 59 of the Trump administration.

But even more telling would be a release of Trump’s taxes. Those financial tendrils would explain everything. One thing is for certain, with so many Republicans and their political operatives involved, and lying about it, and so many connections to the Russians it is imperative that we learn the truth.

When this investigation inevitably degenerates into partisan bickering it will be time to send a loud and clear message to our leaders. This is serious business that needs sunlight to burn away the stink of corruption. Anyone not on board is aiding abetting a possible crime. I truly hope that our system works, Trump is declared innocent, and goes on to become the greatest president ever.

However, Trump supporters need to prepare themselves. No one on the left can or will bring down Trump out of hatred nor a witch hunt. If Trump or any of his associates are guilty, it will be all their own doing, not Hilary’s. Not Obama’s. (Thought I’d get that out there because I know he will be blamed.) With this much smoke…

Continued lying isn’t helping their cause. The administration should study the first rule of holes. However, unless it’s reported on Fox and Friends, Trump will likely miss it.

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Fake News

We have met the enemy, and he is us.

On the Sunday shows Chief of Staff, Reince Preibus doubled down on the president’s rant that the press is the “enemy of the American people.” The alarmists out this tactic as the first sign of an authoritarian government. Some call it fascist.

Trouble is, the “news” programming we are subjected to each day truly is fake. Journalism died the day Ted Turner founded CNN in 1980. Don Henley recorded “Dirty Laundry” in 1982 as the spin cycle tried to take him down. O.J. Simpson’s slow speed getaway and resultant televised spectacle of a trial hammered the nail in the coffin of infotainment disguised as journalism.

Whatever the date it began, the 24-hour news cycle is spending all of its time dumbing us all down. Turn it on and immediately you lose eight IQ points. Apparently Trump leaves it on as background noise, which explains a lot.

At the Melbourne, Florida rally dedicated to the adulation of Trump he so desperately needed after a month of setbacks and scandals, he cited a story that had him panicking his campaign crowd about a terrorist attack in Sweden. He heard it on Fox News, the premier purveyor of propagandist disinformation.

He obviously didn’t understand what he was watching, which was an alarmist report on all the crime in Sweden since it took in the refugee stream from American-supported Middle East wars. The facts are that Sweden has only recorded a tiny increase in crime despite its compassionate, inclusive response to the refugee crisis. It was fake news, but he passed it along as nonchalantly as any other lie he tells.

The media that passes as news is 24-hour speculation comedy of errors laced with only a few segments of each hour based on actual journalism. I once watched an hour of cable news that had Pat Buchanan commenting on some international crisis and then turned to him to weigh in on a story about a lost boy scout. He was the go-to guy on that piece and his expertise on the missing boy scout was insightful, if not embarrassing for him. Maybe the kid wandered off with a girl scout to eat cookies? I think they found the boy scout, not inside the belly of a grizzly bear, but Pat Buchanan lost all credibility as did the network he was working. At least with me.

America just endured a two year period of speculation on the election campaign that was wrong at all levels. If you spent time watching the endless talking heads postulating on an election that was years away, you wasted your life. None of it meant a thing. It wasn’t news at all, let alone fake news. It was 24-hour speculation.

It gave us President Donald Trump.

The same networks Trump trashes for trashing him were his best tool then. None of the networks could turn away from the spectacle of Trump. He used it by spouting ever more weirdness to assure he was always the center of attention. CNN would run entire Trump speeches and ignore serious candidates. He was handed, without charge, billions of dollars of free media time. The media were/are tools.

Americans, inured with the media culture it consumes daily, took notice. It was drawn to his narcissistic personality due to America’s own narcissistic tendencies. America is a self-absorbed culture. Americans know more about what sports star knelt for the National Anthem than what happened in Afghanistan today. I would postulate that our troops dying without an acknowledgement in the press or a clue as to who they were are much more important than a silent protest from a sports star.

Which would you define as true patriotism? Caring about the troops who gave all for the principles written into the Constitution, or fuming over disrespect to a symbol? It’s a song. It’s a flag. The Constitution itself is a piece of hemp paper. These brave men didn’t die for these symbols. They gave their lives for the ideas of freedom embodied in that paper called the Constitution.

Trump is Kim Kardashian’s butt. He is Caitlyn Jenner’s identity confusion, Michael Jackson’s insecurity and death, BradJolina’s divorce. We marvel at celebrities and know all of their quirks and, most importantly, controversies. We are a self-absorbed nation and it has become America’s Achilles heel. The media is our addiction and we run it into our veins like a skid row heroin addict. Nothing of importance matters in our celebrity worshiping culture. We know nothing of the outside world because we only care about ourselves. We are the most ignorant nation on earth.

If polled, the amount of today’s passionate protestors that voted in the mid-terms that gave them the leaders they now abhor would be minuscule. Sitting home in 2014 instead of voting gave America republican gains in the senate, the house, and state governor offices. Democracy is a participation sport. You get what you didn’t care enough to vote for, or against. You get the government you deserve.

The news media is now angry for being called the enemy. It’s as if it doesn’t realize that it is the reason we have Donald Trump. It gave him the podium for his rise. He gamed the media because it is a whore for ratings. The ratings the media covets drove it to promote this surreal result. It is now horrified at its creation and is finally fact-checking him and investigating his actions. The press has become the enemy of Trump as it finally does its job to find the truth about him. Lap dogs no more and now a threat to his presidency.

Trump is definitely having a positive effect on our democracy, though it may be too late as he artfully sets up the first step to an authoritarian government.

The media actually is the enemy of the people only because the people are their own worst enemy. Our narcissism is Trump’s. When we watch at him, we watch our own media-obsessed culture explode in our faces.

When Trump says the media is the “enemy of the people” it is only because Trump is the media. He should know.

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I hate hypocrisy. However, I’m a hypocrite.

I despise the NSA surveillance program. Read its website. There is plenty to despise. George Orwell makes Nostradamus look like a Magic Eight-ball. Read 1984.

The CIA has never been a favorite of mine. The spooks created our Iranian nemesis by overthrowing its democratically elected government in 1953 and installing the brutal dictatorship of the Shah. No one knows what the Middle East would look like today had our intelligence agencies allowed democracy to flourish. American foreign policy is Dr. Frankenstein at work in its planetary laboratory and the CIA is Igor doing the bidding of the mad scientist.

We create monsters, then make money trying to destroy them.

I am, however, rooting for the intelligence agencies to use their power to save the country from the weirdo hairdo masquerading as president. The intelligence community is the only hope because, as I’ve previously pointed out, the congress that is supposed to protect us is lacking the intelligence to perform its duty.

Trump is correct in saying that the leaks coming out of the various agencies are illegal. I’m a hypocrite, but I don’t give a damn. If the leaks are verifiable, all that matters is the truth. My hypocrisy on trusting the CIA on this matter when I don’t trust it on many others is nothing compared to the idea of four years of this rambling psychopath.

Break the law, spooks! It’s not like you don’t have any practice at it.

I have to believe that the professionals that have perpetrated so many evil acts on other countries do it with, what they believe, the best interests of the country in mind. These spies have to do the job others refuse to undertake in the interest of defending the nation against all enemies “foreign and domestic.’

America cannot survive four years of empty words from an empty suit who spouts bullshit non-stop. Bullshit is all that Trump knows. He has used it to con his way through life and he used it to bullshit his way into the White House. He can’t continue using it to pretend he’s running a “fine-tuned machine,” which everyone with a brain can see is just plain bullshit.

Yeah, I’m a hypocrite. I could go on and on about this, but it would still come down to the fact that I can live with it.

Way easier than I can live with Trump.

Buy my book. It’s a Christian tale about giving love. The link sends you to Amazon. I don’t much care for Amazon, but it is necessary to sell books. That makes me a hypocrite. I cuss in these writings. I admit I’m not a good Christian, but I know that the bible preaches against hypocrisy. I started this blog to challenge Trump because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t use whatever powers of persuasion I have to fight him. I have to choose my battles and my hypocrisies wisely for I am a fallible human incapable of perfection. Peace.


In yesterday’s blog I reassured readers that the Trump administration is nearing the end. Donald Trump stepped to the podium today and resumed his campaign by saying nothing of any substance while reporters (way too late to do any good) fact-checked his lies to his face. I have no idea what he thought he was accomplishing, but one thing I do know is that he realizes the jig is up. He’s desperate.

There’s one small problem. The jig isn’t up soon enough.

Revelations that the Trump campaign was talking with the Russians during the campaign while the Russians were hacking the Democratic National Committee are terrifying. Though it hasn’t been proven yet, if there was collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign to rig the election, our very existence as a democracy is null and void. Our government is illegitimate. All that Americans believe in will be fraudulent. If true, the president will be tried for treason.


A sitting president tried and hanged for treason. How does that sit with you? I am not being overly dramatic.

The fact that Trump called for the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails should have told us something. It did tell over half the nation he wasn’t fit for office for what good that did thanks to the electoral college. That he called the election “rigged” should have told us something. How would he know? Was he rigging it himself? Why was he blustering all that nonsense if he didn’t know about it? It’s obvious he can’t keep his big mouth shut. Was he telling us what he knew to be true because he was doing it?

What’s worse, as if it could get any worse, is that the leaders that are supposed to be enforcing checks and balances are nowhere near balanced. They’ve checked out. Because the president has an (R) after his name, the other (R)s turn a blind eye. They should, as defenders of the Constitution, be convening investigations into the hacking of the election, General Flynn’s phone calls, Paul Manafort’s ties to the Russians, not to mention Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s.

Yet they refuse to even examine Trump’s taxes. Their partisan refusal to do their jobs is putting the country at grave risk. How can they not care if our long-time enemy could have information on the president that they are blackmailing him with? Is their only concern salivating over cutting taxes and regulations on the donor class that bought them their power? Where is the patriotism they constantly advertise with the flags on their lapels? Does their oath of office mean nothing to them? The republicans in congress neglectful lack of action is tantamount to treason.

Treason. I am not being overly dramatic.

Protestors should forget silly things like mailing postcards. If these revelations are true, it’s far too late to make a difference with symbolic gestures. This needs to get ugly before we go to war with Russia.

Because that’s next.

The 74 percent of the nation that aren’t part of the cultists blindly, and stupidly, supporting the administration have to unite as one and completely overwhelm the politicians standing in the way of investigating Trump’s many scandals. (Has it only been four weeks since he was sworn in?) Everyone should bombard their leaders, newspapers, FaceBook, or whatever the social media of choice with non-stop demands to have the president investigated. Send so many messages and letters that these outlets start whining about it. Break the fucking Internet!

Millions will have to take to the streets –– now. There has to be no way out for congress. No silly conspiracies of paid protestors that are “enemies of democracy” that don’t represent the true constituents of their districts. Only by taking immediate action can our democracy survive. The enemies of democracy are not the American public. The enemies of democracy are sitting in the highest offices in the land and are doing nothing but buttering their own bread.

They’re all coming home for “recess” as I write. Congress is leaving at a time of crisis to enjoy recess? Third grade, Third World, Banana Republic bullshit. That’s what we’re living in. (No offense to Banana Republics. You’re looking good about now.)

I’m not being overly dramatic. You will soon live through the weirdest, most terrifying moment in modern history. Pray for your country. Pray for a cold war. Then do something about both. Now.

When these allegations of Russian collusion with a presidential campaign are proven true, and Vegas probably wouldn’t give even odds that they aren’t knowing Donald J. Trump, the survival of the republic is in jeopardy. Our form of government will be proven a fraud. Every institution we hold dear will be a fraud. America will be proven a fraud.

Now I return you to your episode of The Walking Dead already in progress.

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The Door. The Ass. The Inevitable Hit.

Only 25 days in and the Trump experiment is nearly over. Donald, we hardly knew you. Well, actually we did, but a bunch of people chose to ignore 40 years of your weirdness on film and tape. Whatever. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Sending Vice President-elect Pence out to defend the charge against General Flynn of allegedly discussing policy with the Russians, knowing that it was a bold-faced lie, is something only a cartoon villain would entertain. Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil wasn’t even that stupid. Trump has destroyed the credibility of the only guy in the White House that has any governmental experience. If Pence had any principles, he would resign. He doesn’t. (He expects to be president.)

Because Pence is a typical spineless politician, the American public only care little about the ruination of his reputation. You can bet your sweet bippy that other politicians are taking notice. Forming any kind of political alliance with Trump is a pact with the devil none are likely to undertake. Trust him? Right.

Politically, he is ruined. Unless he can figure out a way to declare himself supreme ruler there will be no functioning government in Washington D.C. for the next four years. Even he does manage that, there will still be no functioning government. He can’t run a casino, let alone a dictatorship.

You need not worry about tyranny, for even more powerful than the politicians, the national intelligence agencies are paying attention. The leaks are just beginning and the spooks doing the leaking will never be found. They’re the best secret agents America has ever trained.

Trump insulted the intelligence community long before he was sworn in. He continues to antagonize America’s most dangerous and secretive organizations. Why would anyone in their right mind even think of doing such a thing? And the survey says: Donald Trump is not in his right mind. No sane person, let alone one that is in contention to command these clandestine departments, would declare war on them. Especially, when you have something to hide.

Every trollish tweet, every unintelligible utterance, every alternative fact, every unnecessary lie is being evaluated by the 16 intelligence agencies. If they’re anything like the rest of us, I’m sure they’re horrified. Cozying up to the Russians while alienating the Australians? What is that? They must’ve thought that there was no way anyone could be this strange. “Give him a chance,” they thought.  They gave it. The chance is up.

These guys take down countries for a living. The end of the Trump administration is beginning.

This will not take long. When George W. Bush began his warrantless wiretapping program after 9/11, conservative republicans supported him whole-heartedly over the objections of liberal progressives. It was government overreach; something all republicans claim to abhor. It was a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. However, it was implemented by a republican, so it was okay. Party over country. Shish. Boom. Bah! Sow what you reap.

Progressives elected Obama on his promise to return us to the necessity of a warrant to tap phones. He never did. Someone convinced him that listening in on every conversation in America is a useful tool. Once the people of a democracy turn over a right to the government, that right never is reinstated. No matter which party is in power.

Obama ignored his promise, and instead, a huge hard drive was constructed in the Utah desert to store all the phone calls made in the United States. It’s called the Domestic Surveillance Directorate. Say the wrong thing on the phone and a software program triggers, your conversation is monitored for more keywords and your nefarious terrorist plots are foiled. It hasn’t stopped a single terrorist attack, but boy does the government know a lot about our drunken relatives, our favorite Gilmour Girl and our sex lives.

I know, the law says that it can only monitor international calls. Ha! The law! Silly human. The DSD only promises to uphold the “general spirit of the Constitution.” Not the exact interpretation, but close enough for government work.

General Michael Flynn allegedly spoke with the Russian ambassador in December while he was still a private citizen. If he gave assurances that the Trump administration would grant favors, he is in violation of the Logan Act. Was he too stupid to know that his call to Russia was being monitored? If not, why was he National Security Adviser? There is absolutely no rational explanation for that one. Everyone knows the government is listening. What a maroon.

It follows that Trump is too dim to realize that his calls have been stored in Utah for the last few years. Every important call the Donald ever made is recorded. Does he have anything to hide? What is the Art of the Deal with Russia? With Exxon? With the Shark Tank of billionaires he appointed to his cabinet? What deals did he make? Every effing call, Donald! What a maroon.

If Trump’s character can be judged by his repugnant treatment of Mike Pence, the shit he has likely pulled over the last year will jar the nation into…shock?…revulsion?…hell is more likely. I hope the republicans can maintain their composure when faced with his inevitable resignation. I certainly hope facts can overcome the expected onslaught of “alternative facts” that will portray this as “fake news” and persecution. This is going to rip the fabric of a nation already threadbare.

As I write, the spies are spying on our president. Every phone call is being heard. They know what you did last summer, Donald. They know, and they’re leaking it in a strategic manner. You know, they’re not tweeting it. They’re leaking facts that they know for certain a little at a time to get the public accustomed to the next scandal so we won’t freak out if it comes on too fast. Just a little at a time and it will soon be a gushing flood of epic proportions.

And Donald will drown. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

The outcome of the Trump resignation will go smoothly. Like Nixon.

Unless it doesn’t.

More importantly, I’ll never have to write the ridiculously paired words “tweet” and “president” in the same sentence again.


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Fight or Flight? Gorsuch and the Passion of the Protestors

The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is fraught with risk for the democrats. Gorsuch, though extremely conservative, is highly qualified for the position. Should the democrats fight him, or save the fight for one they can win?

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell famously stated that the republicans would do everything in their power to stop Obama’s agenda, and therefore, his prospects of being reelected. It didn’t work. He was reelected, but the country suffered because of the actions of the republicans.

The republicans proved to the world that their only agenda was power at any cost, and that cost was paid for by the nation. George W. Bush left the country in shambles. Obama cleaned it up with the stimulus bill which most republicans voted against. He tried to pass the same type of infrastructure program that #45 is now pushing, but the republicans shot it down. Had Obama been allowed to work with a congress that cooperated, the entire country would be far better for it now.

Many voters obviously don’t live in this reality. The obstructionism of the republicans have held their own country back, yet Obama was blamed for it. Even the republicans unconstitutional obstruction to allow Obama a Supreme Court justice was met with crickets from the voters. The republicans got away with the murder of the constitution and are the root cause of the malaise that Trump darkly cites in his speeches.

There was no hue and cry from the protestors we see today. The republicans naked power grab was allowed. Now we have #45, and we have activism on the left. Obama was wondering where they were because he could’ve used some vocal support, but it was Voldemort who united the left. Whatever it takes, I guess.

If the democrats decide to treat the republican administration in the same manner as the republicans treated Obama, will they be rewarded for it, or punished? It all boils down to the passion on the left. If the protestor movement lasts only a short time, the republicans will have carte blanche to do as they please. If the protestors remain motivated, the republican agenda will be stunted, if not shut down. The passionate protestors will reward the democrats for growing spines when the next election cycle arrives in two years. If the democrats back down, they too will be removed.

Republicans hate big government making rules and regulations. Unless they’re governmentally creeping into a gay bedroom or a woman’s womb, they want government off your back. Actually, they want it off the back of the corporate interests that “donate” to their reelections using this system of legalized bribery we have set up in this country. The best way to keep government in check is to keep it in disarray. Want smaller government? Want less control from Washington? Then you are a republican who should join the resistance to the new administration.

The new “leader” doesn’t deserve a chance.

Neil Gorsuch is an excellent nominee for the Supreme Court. Far from the unqualified “Shark Tank” cabinet that #45 has surrounded himself with, Gorsuch seems thoughtful and well-educated. Gorsuch stated that he thought the tweeting temper tantrum of the baby-man in the White House was “disheartening.” Many now believe that he broke from Trump in order to manipulate democrats to support his nomination.

If he were a man of true principle, he would reject his nomination to the Supreme Court to protest the disrespectful rhetoric tweeting from his highness, the CEO of America. It appears that what worked in Trump’s business life has been thwarted by the checks and balances of America’s system of government and he is just now figuring it out. But Gorsuch knows, and he should protest with the rest of us such incompetent ignorance of the role of president.

He hasn’t.

This is why the democrats should fight Gorsuch. He exhibits the same lack of patriotism that the republicans in the senate used to stifle Obama’s programs. It’s all about power with these partisans. It’s all about power with Gorsuch. The good of the nation and its citizens aren’t even a consideration.

The protest began weeks ago with the inauguration and protest should be extended to everything #45 attempts to do. Republicans should be terrified of their own constituency and escorted by security everywhere they travel. No violence should ever be used. Ever. They should be terrified of being asked simple questions about their regressive policies.

All republicans (and democrats for that matter) care about is holding onto power. All we should care about is removing them from it. As long as the passion remains to hold them accountable, the power is no longer in their grasp. The power is in the citizens of this democratic republic.

Sorry republicans. No cooperation. No “giving him a chance.”

No soup for you!

Do your Christmas shopping now and have more time to organize the next call to action. My children’s book is available here.

The Weak Week in Review

Wow! What a weak week America has had. The Trump administration shows boundless energy. Please Donald, tweetie-pie, give us a break.

Monday, Trump fired Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General. He was going to fire her anyway, but he got a head start when she took the principled stand Jeff Sessions, the nominee for Attorney General, asked if she had the guts to do. She did. She said no to an unconstitutional edict. Yates should be awarded a medal by Sessions when he gets in there. It’s highly doubtful, though. There’s no way Sessions has bigger balls than Yates.

Yates resisted the useless Muslim ban and Republicans immediately started pointing fingers at other administrations that had banned immigration. After they tried deflecting the outrage by whining that no one complained when Obama did it, the former president weighed in. Obama basically said, “I didn’t. You own this one, dipshit.” Republicans still feel they should get a pass because other people’s bad behavior is a good excuse for them to continue it.

Tuesday brought us the spectacle of Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch is said to be to the right of Attila the Hun, who he will be replacing. Trump tweeted the place and time the announcement would be made. Surprise! It was in the White House! The pomp and circumstance was reminiscent of an episode of “The Price is Right.” Come on down, judge! Where are they? There they are. “Was that a surprise?” Trump exclaimed. Heck yeah, Don. Americans were totally surprised you chose a college graduate that actually could be qualified for the position. It was a departure from your choice of Rick Perry heading the Department of Energy. Oops.

Trump then called the Prime Minister of Australia and bragged about how yuuge his win had been in the electoral college. Then he switched gear because he’s, like, really smart. “I really like it when you wrestle those crocs,” Trump gushed. “I could do that really, really great, believe me.” Prime Minister Turnbull reminded him that Steve Irwin had tragically passed away and not all Aussies wrestle crocs. Trump then asked him to say, “Crikey.” “I love it when you guys say that in your funny-talker accent.” When Turnbull refused, Trump hung up on him. “Damned Austrians,” he muttered after the call.

Iran tested a missile and the Trump administration made it go stand in a corner. “You’re on notice!” he tweeted. Iran then unfriended and blocked him on FaceBook.

The Donald used the White House Prayer Breakfast to ask for prayers for the “disaster” that Arnold Schwarzenegger has made of “The Apprentice” ratings. Schwarzenegger tweeted back that maybe they should “switch jobs.” I did not make that up. You decide if it’s a good idea. Maybe someone can start a petition.

Friday’s headlines asked where Trump’s wife, Melania, is hiding. Are they having trouble? The First Lady, Ivanka Trump, dismissed such speculation as she modeled a new bracelet in her line of costume jewelry. Melania might be a tad miffed at the Donald. Some might remember that one time during the campaign when he was in trouble for maligning something he didn’t understand called a gold star family. His offensive tweet-storm against the grieving mother of an American military hero caused an outcry that threatened to derail his candidacy. On cue, like any good husband would, he allegedly released nude pics of Melania engaging in (very tasteful) hot lesbian scenes. That could be the reason Melania has disappeared from the Donald’s world. Maybe she likes living in New York better than under the bus.

Also on Friday a judge blocked the ban on Muslims from certain countries from entering the United States ending a week of embarrassment for our country. Trump tweeted his outrage on his way to play golf and get his spray tan touched up. “Interesting that certain Middle-Eastern countries agree with the ban. They know if certain people are allowed in it’s death & destruction!” the orange lord of darkness fumed. “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!” Trump’s disrespect for this “so-called” judge who was appointed by George W. Bush called into question his respect for the rule of law. Damned conservative judges, always following the Constitution, which seems to be getting in his way. New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, ordered the Statue of Liberty to be put back up.

No one is sure what next week holds in the next installment of The White House reality show. But damn, it’s good entertainment as we march to Armageddon. We need to dream up a name for this program. “All in the Family?” Taken. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire?” Same. “Orange is the New Black?” Stole that one from some genius. No plagiarizing.

I welcome inventive, creative submissions.

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Alternative Reality

Millions of Americans are horrified by the current administration. Well, actually their heads are about to explode. A FaceBook friend admonished me not to have a stroke after he read my last post. I reread the blog and couldn’t really see where I’d gotten out of hand –– not one F-bomb. That could be because my head is about to explode and I’m not thinking right.

Perhaps I’m not thinking right because, like you, I’m susceptible to “alternative facts.”

It was refreshing when Kellyanne Conway honestly gave us this dishonest Orwellian term. It not only explains what we can expect to come out of the Trump White House, it is the malaise that is the cause of the division of the United States of America.

We are a nation based on “alternative facts.” Families can’t sit around the table at Thanksgiving and talk politics without disagreeing before the conversation begins because they can’t even agree on the facts. The discussion is over before it began. How are we supposed to continue the American tradition of despising our relatives if we can’t argue over a decimated turkey carcass once a year? You can’t fall back on, “I don’t care what Uncle Joe says, dark meat is better.” It doesn’t engender the same animosity.

What are the facts? What are the alternative facts?

Was Hillary the greatest criminal mastermind in history to escape justice and not be locked up? Or, was she thoroughly investigated by two congressional committees and never found guilty of anything worth indicting? Is global warming a man-made apocalypse or an economy killing liberal plot brought by the Chinese? If so, will the Chinese start naming our hurricanes? Is Obama a Muslim?

I won’t even try to argue the first two but that last one bugs me. How can a Muslim sit in a Christian church listening to Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American rhetoric for 20 years? Is Obama a sleeper cell agent of unusual longevity and prowess? One would think that after all that hatred for America from Wright, Obama would’ve strapped on an explosive vest and long ago waded into a community organizing office. Or, is he a Christian listening to a man that may forcefully point out hypocrisy when he sees it and had one sermon cherry-picked for the sound bite and played over and over until Wright was propagandized into a bona fide villain?

Either Obama is a Muslim or a Christian. One is a fact and the other is an alternative fact. Given the two alternative versions of Obama emanating from the right-wing, both must be true. I’ve got news. You can’t have it both ways. Pick one.

I wish I had a solution to explain to all readers the difference between a fact and an alternative fact. Use Snopes or Politifact and the right will counter that these sources are paid for by George Soros or the Clinton Foundation. Neither is true, but since the person posting believes it, debating is impossible.

Why is this?

The newfound “fake news” phenomenon is not new. Our media, the so-called fifth estate, has sold its soul, and integrity, to ratings. Like Trump, the corporations controlling the dissemination of information are profit-driven greedheads. I read them, but I don’t trust the New York Times, The Denver Post nor any other post. On television, Fox News is undisguised right-wing propaganda. MSNBC is the same from the other side. CNN devolves into such mindless gibberish on even the most serious of subjects that it is unwatchable.

I don’t subscribe to cable TV so I don’t have the displeasure of watching the screaming matches of the talking heads very often. When I happen to run across a screen blasting cable news I instantly feel at least eight IQ points being drained from my brain. I can’t afford to lose those, so I avoid “news” on television as if it were a sickness. Do yourself a favor, turn that crap off now.

When George W. Bush was reelected in 2004 I postulated that his second term would be the end of conservatism because he will surely destroy America and take the right-wing ideology with him. Guess what? He did. Yet conservatism is stronger than ever. How can that be? Alternative facts must’ve led us down the path to alternative reality.

Some call it the “post-truth world.” It is, depending on your version of the truth. Half the country lives in an alternate reality from the other half. Each person has his/her own truth. Each media outlet has its own narrative and its own facts. Americans drift to the one they prefer and the alternative facts presented form their political ideology. We are as manipulated by the narrative as the facts that aren’t reported. We don’t know what we don’t know due to its omission from the narrative. Perpetuated ignorance is an effective tool when molding minds.

Here’s where the Donald gets it right. The media has become a propaganda machine, not controlled by the state, but by ratings. Money. He used the media’s greed to manipulate it into following his every move during the campaign. He was good for ratings. His every deplorable utterance was a reason to devote a day of asinine speculation to him. He’s brilliant in that aspect. Now that the media has realized that it is culpable for his rise and election, it has become a threat by practicing journalism. It is finally doing its job and it’s morphed into the opposition party.

However, thanks to Donald J. Trump, we are being united by the truth. Trump’s alternate reality will soon turn to reality for us all. He is the president, not a reality star, even if he doesn’t know it. He is Hurricane Bruce Lee sowing chaos as he spins like a cyclone to manipulate the narrative. Anyone who believes that Trump hates the media has been duped. He is the media.

Soon his supporters will have their Medicare and Medicaid privatized and will feel the loss of democratic socialism in their pocketbooks. If he gets his tariffs, we’ll all be 20 percent poorer immediately. When the #CultofTrump acolytes realize that Trump is not the hero of the working class as his spin says he is, they will be ready to fight him too. Trump supporters will soon wish he was only a Muslim.

His bumbling, bullying foreign policy will likely lead us into a war with Mexico, Iran, Australia or, worryingly, some more powerful country, and America will unite in the horror of it all. We will join together to stop it for the sake of humankind. Hopefully, America will remain united against war after the imminent threat of Trump has passed.

Actions speak louder than words. Reality will creep into the narrative and there will be no alternatives –– factual nor reality. America will still be screwed, but the truth will set us free from divisiveness.

Then we’ll heal.

The national malaise of division will be over and, hopefully, we’ll become the UNITED States of America.

No one knows when the alternative realities will converge, but it is inevitable. It will be Trump that unites us all –– to oppose him.

Then again, I said all that about Bush, too.

Johnny writes this blog to keep his brain from exploding and stave off the inevitable stroke. You can support this blog by purchasing his latest children’s book, “The Mouse in the Manger” here.

Reality Show Government

Half the country seems to be freaking out about the Donald’s frenzy of executive orders. As his trained minions point out, he is keeping every promise that he made during the campaign.  Had he signed it on $100 bills then these edicts would be worth something, but every signing statement is as worthless as the paper he signed it on. It simply keeps his base happy knowing that he is a man of his word even if it’s all reality show drama.

All of it is for the show. Just like the Donald himself. This is a reality show government and we’re all watching it and he’s enjoying yuuge ratings. Like his obsession over the size of his hands, his nether region and the crowds at his inauguration he is only interested in good ratings. It’s all he’s ever known or will ever know. He seems to think he’s sitting behind his gold desk high in Trump tower as master of all he surveys.

Let’s take a look at each of these executive orders to understand what they mean.

He repealed regulations making a rule that for every new government regulation, two have to be repealed. Sounds great! So great that there is no specific way to pull it off. According to Fortune Magazine “repealing a federal regulation is multi-step, lengthy process, one that requires review, public notice, and a comment period.” So yeah, great idea. That’s all it is –– an idea.

He put a ban on lobbyists. I happen to agree with this one and I hope it sticks. Good job, Donald!

He reorganized the national security council, got rid of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence and replaced them with a Nazi, Steve Bannon. Umm, well, you should freak out on this. Bannon is the type of person who says stupid stuff about the Middle East like, “Let’s turn it all to glass.” Lots of people say it. They’re all idiots that you can walk away from after they utter the words. This idiot has the ear of the president. Iran just fired a missile to goad him. He’s stupid enough to take the bait. Go on, freak out.

The border wall will never get out of the ground. Trump wants to place a tariff of 20 percent on all goods imported from Mexico to pay for it. We’ll be paying for our own wall with expensive winter veggies and worse, beer. Congress will never allow it. The wall is over until such time Trump overthrows congress. That will freak us all out. Stock up on tequila.

Sanctuary cities are already suing over the threat to cut off funds to these bastions of sanity and California might become a sanctuary state. Unless some police department has an absolute pea brain like Joe Arpaio running it, no cop will waste his time trying to deport illegals. Cops have more important things to do and the ones I know hate paperwork. There will be more lawsuits than you can count over this one and Trump will be long gone before it is ever in effect.

He mandated that American steel be used in all pipelines. The problem is that there is little American steel manufactured in the United States. Maybe we should melt down that steely frown on his face. That’ll build a yuuge ugly pipeline.

Speeding the approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline and others has become a shambles due to the resignation of one of the members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It will take months to replace him and have a quorum on this commission. With all of the other infighting about to happen over Trump’s appointees, a new appointment to FERC will be far down on the list. Unless there’s a loophole, this effectively delays all decisions on all pipelines for months, maybe years.

The federal hiring freeze is more posturing as Trump will soon realize this as more people resign and his government begins to fail. He wants to shrink government, but the American public at least wants a government that works. This will come back to bite him hard.

The so-called “Mexico City policy” bans federal dollars going to overseas organizations that provide abortion counseling is an example of our leadership’s propensity to waste all of our time. Every time power changes from Democrat to Republican, this law changes. The Netherlands has stepped in to take up the slack for Trump’s posturing. However, his signing of it the day after millions of women marched to keep control of their bodies from the clutches of evil white/orange men shows that he doesn’t give a damn about protests. Or women’s rights.

The Affordable Care Act rollback is now a huge political football for the Republicans. Millions more on top of the 20 million already enrolled signed up before the Tuesday, January 31 deadline. The Republicans have no replacement strategy because the ACA was their idea. The Koch brothers backed Heritage Foundation thought it up and Romney instituted it in Massachusetts. Its core goal is to keep the insurance companies raking in profit on your health and that’s why premiums have gone up. The problem was that a black man co-opted it as his own, probably figuring that the Republicans would help him pass it since it was their idea. However, he is black so they hated it. It will be fun to see if the Republicans can weasel out of this one.

There are plenty of things to worry about and protest, but his signing statements are as empty as his suit, and his head. When his facade of governing becomes so ridiculous that even his #CultofTrump followers become disgusted is when he will become dangerous. He may try to bully China as he did Mexico and then the shit could hit the fan.

China has far more economic leverage than Mexico. It could easily shut down the entire U.S. economy by withholding exports to one company. The people that voted for this dolt will then begin to understand their actions. Many probably voted then went shopping at Wal-Mart without the slightest clue that their spending helped keep their jobs far overseas in a Chinese factory.

All of Trump’s theatrics are just that. We are truly watching reality television government played for the ratings. From his “Shark Tank” cabinet picks to his tough guy grimace, this is all a show brought to you by the greatest snake oil salesman in modern times. Every smoke and mirror executive order was signed to placate the base of his voters and keep his ratings high. As long as we are talking about him, he’s happy. No such thing as bad publicity.

If you want to be afraid, be afraid of what will happen next. Don’t worry about the reality drama you just witnessed. Trump has lots more in store to screw up the world. Protestors and anti-Trump people should begin steering the narrative away from what he wants to talk about. When he’s controlling the news cycle, we all lose. Talk about subjects that make him uncomfortable that he can’t control.

I’ll say it again. His Achilles heel is his taxes. Get them and get him. He is a walking, talking, tweeting conflict of interest. Don’t protest for any other reason until he releases them. Millions voicing one idea is far more effective than millions protesting thousands of grievances. He really doesn’t care about anything that has been protested thus far because it isn’t about him. Make it about him.

Unite into one voice and win!

Trump’s Kryptonite

United State Constitution (Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8): “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

I recently posted on Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s FB page a complaint about his vote concerning importing Canadian pharmaceuticals and was immediately contacted by a member of the “Indivisible” contingent in Parker, Colorado. I was intrigued. A left-leaning Tea Party? Heck, I had been ready to move to Mexico to escape The Donald. Figured Mexico would be safer, which should say a lot. Still think that, but didn’t move.

Now it’s time to fight!

Americans are notoriously disdainful of their democracy. Only 57 percent of the population voted in 2016. This apathy reflects in how we allow our citizens to be treated. We ignore obvious violations of people’s rights by not speaking out more forcefully against injustice. When Native Americans are sprayed with water in sub-freezing temps, we all should protest. These are people trying to protest their rights to clean water, not animals deserving of inhuman tactics. When 12-year-olds are shot by police, we all should protest. When our own beloved liberal president becomes judge, jury, and executioner by drone, we should all protest.

Injustice, no matter where it happens, in America’s name is in our name. You. Me. Our silence condones it. Our values are compromised. We are lesser because of it and our lectures to others on the sanctity of human rights fall on deaf ears because we are hypocrites.

Perhaps, and I fervently want it to happen, Donald Trump will be the greatest president in history. I wake up some mornings thinking that his rhetoric to take on the establishment has been my opinion for years. The establishment is responsible for the very injustices I mentioned above. A good orangutan-wrench in the gears couldn’t hurt.

Then I remember who we’re talking about. It’s Donald Trump for fuck’s sake. We have a 40-year history of his narcissistic behavior on tape, and it was summarily ignored. The man is a menace.

I fervently hope the “Indivisible” movement will remain determined to not allow the Trump administration to drag us back to the 1850s or 1950s or whenever it was that America was great. No one wants to live that again. Even if it were possible.

There’s a pile of issues that needs to be protested about the Trump agenda. All are important. However, Trump has one great weakness that will bring him down. He’s a billionaire. To many that’s an admirable accomplishment; for a country it makes us vulnerable.

The first rule of real estate development is to never use your own money. It was likely the first lesson Trump’s dad, Fred, taught him. The vast empire Trump controls requires a lot of money. If Trump has loans, the American public needs to know who he owes. In this day and age financing can come from a myriad of sources, many overseas. If Trump is beholden to foreign banks, we need, and should be crying out for, transparency as to President Trump’s obligations. Just as we should be concerned about his new-found power to regulate banks he might owe.

This not a frivolous matter that should be ignored. If the man has conflicts, we the people, must know. To repeat the above Constitutional edict: “no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument.” What’s an emolument? “A salary, fee or profit from office.” Yeah. That fits Trump.

Think of our national security. Does he owe a Chinese bank? A Russian bank? The Germans? Is that a conflict of interest? Trump claims he’s immune to conflict of interest. Immune? This isn’t about a legal loophole that may or may not preclude a president from ethical scrutiny. This isn’t about him. This is about the country, dammit! Will he act in the country’s interests, or his?

Before the election, 68 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents and 60 percent of Republicans said candidates should be required to release their documents. Now voters are split on whether President-elect Donald Trump should release his tax returns. The Morning Consult/Politico poll states that 45 percent of respondents say they care that Trump has not released the documents, while 44 percent say they do not.

The poll finds Republicans and independents are less interested in the president-elect’s tax returns than are Democrats. Seventy-one percent of Democrats say they care that Trump hasn’t released his tax returns. But only 20 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of independents say the same.

If 60 percent of Republicans were in favor of transparency before the election, why would 20 percent of the same demographic decide it’s a bad idea after the election? Could it be because their guy won and he doesn’t deserve the same scrutiny as the challenger deserved had she won?

As an American patriot, I want to know if my president (and he is now MY president) is acting in good faith for the nation. Those who think that this is crybaby sour grapes because their guy won are NOT patriots. All presidents should be held to same standard as all that came before.

If you think Trump should get a pass, you are not thinking as a patriot. If you think Donald J. Trump is being persecuted by the outcry to release his taxes, you are delusional. If you think Trump is somehow above these requirements, you are now in some sort of sick, mind-addled Trump cult. Your brain is broken. Please, when you’re done with the Trump cult, feel free to rejoin America. We still want you, just not when you are so obviously mentally unfit for democracy.

Our apathy is our downfall. Injustices can’t be ignored any longer. Silence on this matter just as silence on all meaningful actions of our government is approval of the injustice. We let Obama rain death on our “enemies” without a peep, or a tweet. Truth, justice and the American way have turned to untruths and injustices, and has become the American way. Our hypocrisy should end now. If we are to fight injustices, let us fight them all.

A business as large as Trump’s is incomprehensible to most of us. Wrapping our minds around the legal entanglements of running an operation with world-wide business ties like Trump’s is impossible for most to comprehend when many of us can’t even balance our checkbooks. I want to know if he is compromised to a foreign power, a national government representative, or a domestic bank. As an American citizen, you, no matter your political persuasion, should want the same.

I believe his billionaire status is his Kryptonite. If not, let him prove it. If all is copacetic, I’ll shut up and move on to the next issue. There are many issues emanating from the Trump agenda that groups like “Indivisible” should be fighting, but this one has to be settled first.

Trump claims that only the reporters covering him care about his taxes. Bullshit!

Release your taxes, Mr. Trump.